The Purpose of the Scripps College Alumnae Leadership shall be:

·To develop a sense of mutual responsibility between alumnae and the College
·To encourage alumnae to maintain a continuing relationship with each other and the College
·To enlist alumnae in constructive endeavors for the College including, but not limited to, their financial support
·To keep alumnae informed about the activities of the Association, its membership and the College.

Alumnae Leadership Council


Title Name Term E-Mail
President Libby Greig DeMeo '95  2014-2016
Vice President, Regional Associates (Central) Catie Gilchrist Osborn '06 2013-2015
Vice President, Regional Associates (East) Lindsay Mejer '06 2013-2015
Vice President, Regional Associates (West) Vacant

The Scripps Fund Chair Brooke Tomblin '92 2013-2015
Honors, Awards and Recognition Amy Williams '85 2013-2015
Alumnae/Student Diversity Chair Fabiola Ceballos-Durham '02 2014-2015
Camp Scripps Liaison Deirdre Johnson '70 2014-2015
Camp Scripps Liaison Mandy MacCalla '72 2014-2015
Camp Scripps Liaison Juanita Nash-Dahlen '72
Leadership Development Committee Chair Ofelia Velazquez-Perez '84 2014-2016
Member-at-Large Merrilee Stewart Howard '70 2014-2015
Admission Liaison Vacant

Athletic (CMS) Liaison Vacant

Communications Chair Vacant

LLAiR Chair Dana Mayhew '74

Alumna Trustee Barbara Bruner '76 2011-2017
Alumna Trustee Devanie Candelaria Donez '94 2014-2017
Recent Graduate Trustee Lili Salzberg '12 2012-2015
Recent Graduate Trustee Emily Jovais '13 2014-2016
Recent Graduate Trustee-Elect Maddy Ruvolo '14 2014-2015
Scripps Association of Students, President Alex Frumkin '15 2014-2015

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